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What's Hot! Your Personal Safety!

Divine Safety is a small women disabled-veteran owned business offering personal security and self-defense products. Divine Safety has its humble beginning as Customized Global Learning, a small leadership and education company back in 2005. Divine Safety (CGL, LLC) first product was the book 9/11: Pentagon S.O.S.: Leadership Strategies of Survival published in 2009, which is based off the owner Trina Hines personal experience working at the Pentagon during 9/11.

Divine Safety expanded its product line to offer personal security products to individuals and business owners in 2013. We work only with reputable security plus agencies (20+ experience) to offer the highest quality products.

Divine Safety is a member of Catawba Chamber of Commerce:

Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to follow local, state, and federal guidelines to purchase and use any products sold by our company. Our products are backed with a guarantee. Note: We do not ship overseas. If you have questions contact us at 571-330-4844.