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Training Videos: How to Videos
Perfume/Lipstick Stun Guns

Business Resources

A) Starting a Business: Small Business Administration Resource

B) Foundation to Your Business: Writing Your Business Plan C) Purchasing a Business or Franchise: Buy or Franchise a Business (Pros and Cons) D) Free Business Advice Through Score: Free Business Mentoring and Education

Women-owned business

A) Women-owned business: Basic Resources

B) Women's Business Center: Find a Women's Business Center

Veteran-owned business

A) Veteran Entrepreneur Portal: Veteran Business Resources B) Veteran Starting a Business: Resource for starting a business C) Three Business Funding Program for Vets:
  1. Hivers & Strivers
  2. TCP Venture Capital
  3. Street Shares

Leadership Resources

  1. Free Leadership and Team-building Resources: In-depth Leadership Guide
  2. Free Management Library: Management and Leadership Topics: Free Management and Leadership Resources
  3. Military Leadership Links: Gateway to Military Leadership Resources